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William Bay Music

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  1. val smernicki says:

    Just discovered your website. Great that someone takes plectrum guitarists seriously. I’ve already bought a couple of your books which are terrific.
    Can’t figure out how to register on your site yet. Please help.


    • will0893 says:

      Thanks for the note. My site is basically informational but you can purchase the books through Amazon. I have a new book called “Guitar Nocturnes” for plectrum guitar which will be out in 2 to 3 weeks. I am on the board of the Guitar Foundation of America which is the main organization for classical guitar instruction in the US. I have heard so many great players perform wonderful compositions that, being a plectrum guitarist myself, I realized that the plectrum guitar really needed serious concert repertoire. So that is why I started writing this material.

    • William Bay says:

      My books are all on….check out the new “Achieving Guitar Artistry” series….Linear Etudes, Concert Solos, Triads and Odd-Time Etudes…

  2. Michael Brown says:

    I have bought two of your books , Technic etudes and velocity studies and wondering
    are there any recording of these.
    Thank you

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