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Psalms for Guitar

I have always loved the book of Psalms. The range of human emotions conveyed in that book is so real.  Joy, sorrow, fear, hope, worry, confidence, anxiety, assurance and much more spring out of those wonderful verses.  Yet underneath all of that is a bedrock faith that the cries of exhilaration and anguish will be heard and answered.  In this collection I selected 13 verses from Psalms.  On each I set a melodic line to the verse and then composed 9 variations on that line.  Many of the arrangements were written and recorded on a  7 string guitar; however, every piece may be played quite successfully on a 6 string guitar.  Where a low A or B appears in the notation, I have written a substitute note in the tablature which will work on a 6 string guitar. All of these solos are on my recording Psalms for Guitar. These solos may be played in concert, recital or in worship celebrations.  I hope you enjoy them as they are very meaningful to me.

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