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Archive of entries posted on July 2017

Achieving Guitar Artistry – Linear Guitar Etudes

  This is the flagship book in Mel Bay’s new “Achieving Guitar Artistry” series.  Herein you will find an extensive collection of linear pieces with interesting melodic content.  Frequent performance of these etudes will not only enhance technique, but offer the guitarist a wonderful opportunity to improve tone, touch and lyrical phrasing.   We suggest playing [...]

Achieving Guitar Artistry – Concert Solos

“Achieving Guitar Artistry – Concert Solos” is a collection of 56 solos reflecting a wide array of colors, textures and moods. These were originally written for plectrum or flatpick guitar but may be played by the classical or fingerstyle guitarist.  The solos range in difficulty from intermediate to advanced and will work wonderfully in recital [...]

Achieving Guitar Artistry: Odd-Time Etudes

Unusual or odd time signatures often seem to be an enigma to the understanding and phrasing of the Western musician. This book will greatly enhance the ability of any musician to feel comfortable playing odd time signatures. It contains 48 etudes in 5/8, 7/8, 9/8, 10/8 and 11/8 time. In addition, “mixed etudes” are presented, [...]

Achieving Guitar Artistry – Triads

This is a book for the ears and for the hands.  Playing harmonized scales in triad form is extremely helpful for the progressing guitarist.  First, the guitarist will become acquainted with the harmonic sound of each key.  A sense of harmonic and melodic voice leading will also be developed. These studies were written to be [...]

Trumpet Partitas

This is a collection of 17 unaccompanied trumpet solos.  All are lively in nature and will serve as good technical studies.  They are fun to play and are intentionally evocative of the baroque trumpet style.  This book is a sequel to William Bay’s “Trumpet Chants”, “Trumpet Tone Poems”, “Trumpet Ballads” and “Hymns for Unaccompanied Trumpet”.