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Archive of entries posted on December 2012

Short Etudes

These 27 short etudes were composed to provide music suitable for study or the concert stage. The etudes present a colorful palette of moods and musical textures. They incorporate various picking techniques and lush harmonies. They are extremely useful in developing tone and a lyrical feeling to one’s style. I feel that these etudes will [...]

Guitar Tangos

The tango is the king of the Latin dances.  The captivating rhythms and seductive melodies of the tango have captured the imaginations of musicians and composers for many years.  The tango has even found its place in the world of concert musical literature due to the fine works of composers such as Astor Piazzolla.   It is [...]

Technic Etudes

The goal of these twenty etudes is to address various issues of guitar technique while presenting pieces which have melodic content, are interesting and fun to play and which can be used in concert or recital.  Fragmented scale runs, scales ascending and descending several octaves, switching positions amidst musical phrases, arpeggio picking, string skipping and combining [...]