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Trumpet Partitas

This is a collection of 17 unaccompanied trumpet solos.  All are lively in nature and will serve as good technical studies.  They are fun to play and are intentionally evocative of the baroque trumpet style.  This book is a sequel to William Bay’s “Trumpet Chants”, “Trumpet Tone Poems”, “Trumpet Ballads” and “Hymns for Unaccompanied Trumpet”. 

Trumpet Chants

This book contains 30 original “chants” composed for solo trumpet.  The pieces are lyrical in nature and may be used in a variety of settings.  They work well as a prelude or call to worship or even as recital selections, concert pieces or as encores to  performances.  These chants require  sensitivity in interpretation and phrasing, [...]

Trumpet Tone Poems

This is a collection of 20 lyrical, contemplative trumpet solos.  They may be played in a variety of settings and will enhance the ability of the trumpeter to play long, lyrical phrases.  These solos are also ideal for developing a rich, broad, singing sound.  I love playing them in a large room like a church [...]

Trumpet Ballads

The trumpet can be a beautifully lyrical instrument. Often not enough emphasis is placed on making the instrument sing. The 20 ballads contained in this book are designed to develop a lyrical sense. Play the pieces in a relaxed and free manner. Avoid playing too loud. On these pieces, when in doubt, play a notch [...]


The trumpet is a brilliant instrument which shines brightly when playing proclamatory pieces.  However, the trumpet also has a wonderfully lyrical side.  The sound of an unaccompanied trumpet causes people to take note.  It is a sound that announces something to come, or as the case may be, a poignant memory of what has gone [...]