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Plectrum Guitar Etudes Recording

Plectrum Guitar Etudes is a recording of the etudes composed for my book Short Etudes for Guitar. I began playing guitar while listening to my father, Mel Bay, performing wonderful classical pieces on his D’Angelico archtop guitar. So at an early age I heard the beautiful possibilities of the guitar played with a pick. While these original [...]

Psalms for Guitar Recording

This is the recording of the compositions in my Psalms for Guitar book.   I selected 13 verses from Psalms.  On each I set a melodic line to the verse and then composed 9 variations on that melodic line.  Most of the guitar solos are contemplative in nature but several are rhythmic and upbeat.  I [...]

Christmas Guitar Portraits CD

The Christmas season has always been special to me. It is a season that has crystalized the hopes, aspirations and faith of millions of people through the centuries. The amount of music written for Christmas is monumental. For this recording I selected various genres dear to me. First, there are selections from the early American sacred song tradition. The [...]

Acoustic Guitar Portraits Recording

Acoustic Guitar Portraits is a collection of 15 original compositions for two acoustic guitars written and recorded by William Bay. The recording features an eclectic array of musical genres and was recorded on 4 different hand made acoustic steel string guitars. Three of the guitars are 7 string acoustic models and one is a 6 [...]