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Achieving Guitar Artistry: Contemporary Baroque Etudes

  The arts flourished in the Baroque period.  Music from that time is still performed worldwide by symphonies, opera companies, choirs, chamber ensembles and soloists on many instruments.  The period was characterized by the works of such great artists as J. S. Bach (b. 1685), Handel (b. 1685), Telemann (b. 1681) and many others. These [...]

Lyrical Solos for Classic Guitar

97809888327 3 2 The guitar has so many moods and colors.  I have always loved the expressive, lyrical pieces written for this unique instrument.  This book is a collection of 19 solos of medium difficulty which present a colorful array of moods, harmonies and tonal textures.  Each piece gives the guitarist ample opportunity for reflection, [...]

Velocity Etudes for Classic Guitar

Velocity Etudes is a collection of 43 original compositions designed to enhance important elements of classic guitar technique. I have always felt that as important as scale and technique drills are, they can by themselves be very tedious to practice.  In addition, technique has relevance only in the context of the entire musical composition it [...]

Student Guitar Etudes Volume 1 for Classic Guitar

The twenty classic guitar etudes in this book are melodic and “guitaristic”.  I composed them in guitar friendly keys.  They were written to be fun to play and also to provide short pieces ideal for recitals or concert preludes and encores.  The pieces should be played with freedom and expression. They are intermediate in difficulty [...]